Creative Memories


Another bullet bitten!! I have paid up and become a Creative Memories Consultant. While I’m not much of a scrapbooker or cardmaker, Creative Memories won me over by having a heap of digital content to make digital scrapbooks with – which you can then either print as a photo book, or just save! (Oh and they have toys that will delight any paper-crafter of any description)

The other thing I love about Creative Memories is that you are charged a small annual fee, provided a store link, and that’s it!! No targets to meet, no parties to hold. You can go as hard (or not) at it as you like and you don’t have to pay up hundreds of dollars if you’re not going to make you’re monthly or annual numbers, you are simply charged (current as at date of writing) $59.00 per year. Compare it with the others – it’s a great deal!

So if you want to have a look – you can find my Creative Memories page here. Seeing as how Scrapbooking, cardmaking etc. has a tendency to be something that you do when you get a Round Tuit, I figured it also fits my blog-space as well.