My all new Etsy shop.

After so many people have asked both my husband and myself if I actually do anything with (i.e. sell) the crafts I make, I have opened My Round Tuit Creations: my Etsy shop.

In it I have the very cool and funky scarves I’ve been making as I work through my stash of weird and wonderful yarns that I’ve accumulated over a few years of impulse buys at craft shops and markets. I am also selling the jewellery that I have been crafting and some of my mixed media canvases.

So check it out and add it to your Etsy favourites – I’ll be updating it on a regular basis.

Did you know?!?!?!?: You can get cash back on your Etsy purchases! If you sign up here you will get an extra $5.00 to kick off with (in the interests of full disclosure – so will I). You also can get cash back on Ebay, Amazon, Wotif, Macy’s – there are hundreds of Australian and International online retailers that you can get cash back through.

In the meantime have a quick squizz (kiwi slang for “have a look”) below at my original stock. (Click on the pictures to view the listing in Etsy). Thanks for looking 😉


fullsizeoutput_dc8  IMG_1405

IMG_1409  IMG_1408

IMG_1370  IMG_1368  IMG_1363

IMG_1359  IMG_1353  IMG_1352

IMG_1346  IMG_1344  IMG_1336

IMG_1335  IMG_1319




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